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Music : Sarah Vaughan - The Complete Roulette Sarah Vaughan Studio Session (8CD Boxset) (2002)

Sarah Vaughan - The Complete Roulette Sarah Vaughan Studio Session (8CD Boxset) (2002)

Sarah Vaughan - The Complete Roulette Sarah Vaughan Studio Session (8CD Boxset) (2002)
Release: 2002 | Track: 184 (8CD) | Format: MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | Size: 1,33 GB+3% Rec
Genre: Vocal Jazz | Label: Mosaic

Sarah Vaughan recorded frequently during her three years with Roulette, and all 16 albums she completed for them plus five previously unissued tracks are included in this comprehensive eight-CD boxed set from Mosaic. The gifted singer is heard in a variety of settings, from superb small-group sessions to big-band settings and various dates bordering on easy listening; the sessions omitting the often syrupy string sections are the cream of this bumper crop. It's a joy to hear Vaughan sharing the spotlight with Joe Williams and the Count Basie Orchestra (with its leader sitting out in favor of her regular pianist, Kirk Stuart) in a swinging "Teach Me Tonight" and a playful take of "If I Were a Bell"; it's a shame that they never recorded an entire album together. Benny Carter's big-band charts also bring out the best in Vaughan. With the exception of the forgettable "The Green Leaves of Summer," Billy May's provides the vocalist with very compatible settings. The scaled-down session with guitarist Mundell Lowe and bassist George Duvivier is among her greatest achievements of her career; the singer is relaxed and stimulated by her accompanists. A similar follow-up date with Barney Kessel and Joe Comfort is equally rewarding. The sessions which add strings, led by various musicians (Jimmy Jones, Quincy Jones, Lalo Schifrin, Joe Reisman, Don Costa, and Marty Manning) serving as both arranger and conductor, vary greatly in quality. Often first-rate (and sometimes somewhat obscure) material is sabotaged by heavy-handed writing awash in strings. But for the most part, Vaughan's gorgeous voice is able to overcome even bland backgrounds. Mosaic remains the pinnacle of reissue labels with this handsome boxed set, which includes detailed liner notes by James Gavin, lots of session photos, and a thorough discography.

Track List:

CD 1: Dreamy
1. Dreamy 2:56
(S. Shaw-E. Garner)
2. Hands Across The Table 2:52
(M. Parish-J. DeLettre)
3. The More I See You 3:06
(M. Gordon-H. Warren)
4. Iíll Be Seeing You 2:52
(I. Kahal-S. Fain)
5. Star Eyes 2:58
(D. Raye-G. DePaul)
6. Youíve Changed 3:35
(C. Fischer-B. Carey)
7. Trees 3:01
(O. Rasbach-J. Kilmar)
8. Why Was I Born 2:29
(J. Kern-O. Hammerstein)
9. My Ideal 2:56
10. Crazy He Calls Me 3:08
(B. Russell-C. Sigman)
11. Stormy Weather 3:28
(T. Koehler-H. Arlen)
12. Moon Over Miami 2:29
(E. Leslie-J. Burke)
He Divine One
13. Have You Met Miss Jones? 2:19
(R. Rodgers-L. Hart)
14. Ainít No Use 3:50
(S. Wyche-L. Kirkland)
15. Every Time I See You 2:59
(Hal Dickerson)
16. You Stepped Out Of A Dream 2:17
(G. Kahn-N. H. Brown)
17. Gloomy Sunday 3:22
18. What Do You See In Her? 2:47
(H. David-F. Weldon)
19. Jump For Joy 2:24
20. When Your Lover Has Gone 2:15
(Einer A. Swan)
21. Iím Gonna Laugh You Out Of My Life 2:48
(C. Coleman-J. McCarthy)
22. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams 2:30
23. Somebody Elseís Dream 2:22
(Hal Dickenson)
24. Trouble Is A Man 3:15
(Alec Wilder)
CD 2: The Explosive Side
1. I Believe In You 3:03
(Frank Loesser)
2. Honeysuckle Rose 3:16
(F. Waller-A. Razaf)
3. Moonlight On The Ganges 2:36
(C. Wallace-S. Meyers)
4. The Ladyís In Love With You 2:14
(F. Loesser-B. Lane)
5. After Youíve Gone 2:37
(H. Creamer-T. Layton)
6. A Garden In The Rain 3:16
(C. Gibbons-J. Dyrenforth)
7. I Canít Give You Anything But Love 3:08
(D. Fields-J. McHugh)
8. The Trolley Song 2:38
(R. Blane-H. Martin)
9. Iím Gonna Live Till I Die 2:03
10. Falling In Love With Love 2:30
(R. Rodgers-L. Hart)
11. Great Day 2:02
(V. Youmans-E. Eliscu)
12. Nobody Else But Me 3:10
(J. Kern-O. Hammerstein)
13. The Ladyís In Love With You (first version) 2:41
(F. Loesser-B. Lane)
Count Basie/Sarah Vaughan
14. Perdido 2:10
15. Lover Man 3:56
16. I Cried For You 2:53
17. Alone 3:53
(A. Freed-N.H. Brown)
18. There Are Such Things 3:09
19. Mean To Me 3:49
(R. Turk-F. Ahlert)
20. The Gentleman Is A Dope 2:43
(R. Rodgers-O. Hammerstein)
21. You Go To My Head 4:50
(H. Gillespie-J.F.Coots)
22. Until I Met You 3:07
(F. Green-D. Wolf)
23. You Turned The Tables On Me 3:21
(S. Mitchell-L. Alter)
24. Little Man Youíve Had A Busy Day 4:51
CD 3: Youíre Mine You
1. Youíre Mine You 3:59
(E. Heyman-J. Green)
2. The Best Is Yet To Come 2:50
(C. Coleman-C. Leigh)
3. Witchcraft 2:56
(C. Coleman-C. Leigh)
4. So Long 2:52
5. The Second Time Around 3:40
(J. Van Heusen-S. Cahn)
6. I Could Write A Book 2:21
(R. Rodgers-L. Hart)
7. Maria 3:11
(L. Bernstein-S. Sondheim)
8. Baubles, Bangles And Beads 3:35
(R. Wright-G. Forrest)
9. Fly Me To The Moon 2:53
(Bart Howard)
10. Moonglow 2:28
11. Invitation 2:16
(B. Kaper- P.F. Webster)
12. On Green Dolphin Street 3:01
(B. Kaper-N. Washington)
13. One Mint Julip 2:46
(Rudolph Toombs)
14. Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean 2:39
15. The Best Is Yet To Come (first version) 3:00
(C. Coleman-C. Leigh)
16. Baubles, Bangles And Beads (first version) 3:39
(R. Wright-G. Forrest)
The Vaughan-Williams-Basie Session
17. Teach Me Tonight 2:50
(D. DePaul-S. Cahn)
18. If I Were A Bell 2:42
(Frank Loesser)
19. Until I Met You (first version) 2:49
(F. Green-T. Wolf)
The Billy May Session
20. The Green Leaves Of Summer 2:54
(D. Tiomkin-P.F. Webster)
21. Them There Eyes 1:58
22. Donít Go To Strangers 2:30
23. Love 2:18
(R. Blane-H. Martin)
CD 4: After Hours
1. My Favorite Things 2:43
(R. Rodgers-O. Hammerstein)
2. Evíry Time We Say Goodbye 2:23
(Cole Porter)
3. Wonder Why 4:17
(S. Cahn-N. Brodszky)
4. Easy To Love 2:10
(Cole Porter)
5. Sophisticated Lady 3:48
6. Great Day 2:15
7. Ill Wind 3:10
(T. Koehler-H. Arlen)
8. If Love Is Good To Me 2:09
(F. Spielman-R. Evans)
9. In A Sentimental Mood 4:03
10. Vanity 4:15
11. Through The Years 3:09
(E. Heyman-V. Youmans)
Sarah + 2
12. Just In Time 2:17
13. When Sunny Gets Blue 3:48
(M. Fisher-J. Segal)
14. All I Do Is Dream Of You 2:54
(A. Freed-N. H. Brown)
15. I Understand 4:25
(K. Gannon-M. Wayne)
16. Goodnight Sweetheart 3:32
17. Baby, Wonít You Please Come Home 2:34
(C. Williams-C. Warfield)
18. When Lights Are Low 2:55
(B. Carter-S. Williams)
19. Key Largo 3:26
20. Just Squeeze Me 4:11
(D. Ellington-L. Gaines)
21. All Or Nothing At All 3:10
(J. Lawrence-A. Altman)
22. The Very Thought Of You 4:10
(Ray Noble)
CD 5: Sarah Sings Soulfully
1. A Taste Of Honey 3:11
(R. Marlow-B. Scott)
2. What Kind Of Fool Am I? 3:19
(A. Newley-L. Bricusse)
3. Guess Iíll Hang My Tears Out To Dry 4:05
(J. Styne-S. Cahn)
4. Sermonette 4:20
(C. Adderley-J. Hendricks)
5. In Love In Vain 4:56
(L. Robin-J. Kern)
6. Gravy Waltz 2:16
(R. Brown-S. Allen)
7. The Good Life 3:05
(S. Distel-J. Reardon)
8. Moaniní 3:10
(B. Timmons-J. Hendricks)
9. ĎRound Midnight 3:32
10. Easy Street 3:27
(Alan R. Jones)
11. Baby, Wonít You Please Come Home 3:07
(C.Warfield-C. Williams)
12. Midnight Sun 5:33
The Joe Reisman Singles Sessions
13. Serenata 2:39
(L. Anderson-M. Parish)
14. Serenata (alternate take) 2:35
(L. Anderson-M. Parish)
15. My Dear Little Sweetheart 2:42
(J. Smith-G. Weiss)
16. Letís 2:22
17. Ooh What A Day 2:08
(R. Mosley-M. Watts)
18. Whatís The Use 3:17
(R. Mosley-M. Watts)
19. Wallflower Waltz 2:46
(M. Fisher-J. Segal)
20. True Believer (first version) 2:28
(S. Lebowsky-R. McCoy)
21. April 2:21
(M. Kellem-A. Iavello)
22. If Not For You 2:4 3
23. True Believer 2:25
(S. Lebowsky-R. McCoy)
24. Oh Lover 1:59
(R. Mosley-M. Watts)
CD 6: Snowbound
1. Snowbound 3:05
(R. Faith-C. Kehner)
2. I Hadnít Anyone Till You 3:20
(Ray Noble)
3. Whatís Good About Goodbye 2:59
(L. Robin-H. Arlen)
4. Stella By Starlight 2:53
(N. Washington-V. Young)
5. Look To Your Heart 3:38
(S. Cahn-J. Van Heusen)
6. Oh You Crazy Moon 3:41
(J. Burke-J. Van Heusen)
7. Blah, Blah, Blah 2:39
(G. Gershwin-I.Gershwin)
8. I Remember You 4:45
(J. Mercer-V. Schertzinger)
9. I Fall In Love Too Easily 3:18
(S. Cahn-J. Styne)
10. Glad To Be Unhappy 4:10
(R. Rodgers-L. Hart)
11. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most 3:45
(F. Landesman-T. Wolf)
Lonely Hours
12. Lonely Hours 4:02
(H. Glaser-J. Solomon)
13. Iíll Never Be The Same 3:43
14. If I Had You 3:52
(Irving Berlin)
15. Friendless 3:10
(P. Vandervoort II-B. Carter)
16. Youíre Driving Me Crazy 2:59
(Walter Donaldson)
17. Always On My Mind 3:00
(H. Green-N. Newell)
18. Look For Me, Iíll Be Around 3:18
(G. Wood-S. Dee)
19. Whatíll I Do 2:49
(Irving Berlin)
20. Solitude 3:48
21. These Foolish Things 3:45
22. So Long, My Love 2:38
(S. Cahn-L. Spence)
CD 7: (Lonely Hours continued)
1. The Man I Love 4:04
(G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)
Sweet Ďní Sassy
2. I Didnít Know About You 3:42
(D. Ellington-B. Russell)
3. More Than You Know 3:35
4. Thanks For The Ride 3:11
(R. Alfred-B. Ford)
5. Come Spring 2:21
(A. Miller-P. Stevens)
6. I Wish I Were In Love Again 2:24
(R. Rodgers-L. Hart)
7. Lazy Afternoon 2:51
(J. LaTouche-J. Moross)
8. Just Married Today 4:22
(R. Alfred-A. Frisch)
9. Something I Dreamed Last Night 4:42
10. I Got Rhythm 1:53
(G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)
11. This Canít Be Love 1:35
(R. Rodgers-L. Hart)
12. Slowly 3:31
(D. Raksin-K. Goell)
13. Just You, Just Me 2:09
(J. Greer-R. Klages)
14. This Canít Be Love (alternate take) 1:33
(R. Rodgers-L. Hart)
Star Eyes
15. Star Eyes 4:25
(G. DePaul-D. Raye)
16. Once Upon A Summertime 2:45
17. Donít Go To Strangers 2:35
18. Icy Stone 2:52
(H. Glover-A. Levy)
19. I Was Telling Him About You 3:54
(M. Charlap-D. George)
20. Iíll Never Be The Same 2:49
21. Call Me Irresponsible 2:38
(S. Cahn-J. Van Heusen)
22. Bewildered 4:04
(T. Powell-L. Whitcup)
23. Do You Remember 4:02
(J. Bailey-M. Levy)
24. Thereíll Be Other Times 2:37
(M. McPartland-M. Jones)
CD 8: (Star Eyes continued)
1. Within Me I Know 3:03
(D. Ellington-S. Kuller)
2. As Long As He Needs Me 3:12
(Lionel Bart)
3. Enchanted Wall 2:23
4. Thereíll Be Other Times (alternate take) 3:47
(M. McPartland-M. Jones)
Sarah Slightly Classical
5. Be My Love 3:46
(S. Cahn-N. Brodszky)
6. Intermezzo 4:24
(R. Henning-H. Provost)
7. I Give To You 3:05
(M. Manning-J. Lehmann)
8. Because 3:15
(E. Teschemacher-G. DíHardelot)
9. Full Moon And Empty Arms 2:39
(B. Kaye-T. Mossman)
10. My Reverie 3:09
(Larry Clinton)
11. Moonlight Love 3:59
(M. Parish-C. Debussy)
12. Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life 3:05
(R. Young-V. Herbert)
The Marty Manning Sessions
13. Till The End Of Time 3:37
14. None But The Lonely Heart 3:15
(P. Tchaikovsky- W. Muller)
15. Night 2:29
(J. Lehmann-H. Miller)
16. If You Are But A Dream 2:44
17. Only 2:16
(G. Weiss-L. Missir)
18. Experience Unnecessary 2:50
19. Untouchable 2:35
(Dar Shan)
20. Sleepy 2:56
(B. Bryant-O. Brown Jr.)
21. The Hills Of Assisi 2:48
(P. Vance-L. Pockriss)

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