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manoeto 05-23-2009 06:57 AM

XP Recovery CD Maker v1.01

XP Recovery CD Maker v1.01

Create a comprehensive CD to recover data from any crashed system.
XP Recovery CD Maker makes a BartPE CD with 5 Tools to allow you to recover from a WinXP and Win2000 crash….

· Crash Troubleshooter - steps you through what can cause a crash and tells how to fix it.
· Drive Explorer - like Windows Explorer, it makes working with files easy.
· WinRescue Crash Fixer - a reproduction of WinRescue’s Crash Fixer section for restoring WinRescue backups.
· WinXP Restore Points - restore registry backups which WinXP keeps in its Restore Points.
· Unzipper and Extractor - recover individual files from WinRescue backups and Zip files.

Please note that XP Recovery CD Maker requires you to make the CD with BartPE (which is free) and a CD burner. You will be able to use the setup of XP Recovery CD Maker to help with completing this process.






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