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Default Salfeld Child Control 2012 v12.467 - 12-02-2012, 11:59 AM

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Salfeld Child Control 2012 12.467 | 19.6 MB

Salfeld Child Control - The program is designed for parents wishing to have their child spend less time at the computer, as well as for filtering a browser web pages and content.

Salfeld Child Control - The program is designed for parents wishing to have their child spend less time at the computer, as well as for filtering a browser web pages and content. Is possible to set a time limit on your computer or password protection. Configuration program is quite flexible and carried out in several steps.

Blocked Time Details: Precise specification of blocked times. In contrast to previous versions, which allowed setting blocked times only at full-hour intervals, the possibilities are now unlimited. Blocked times can begin and end precisely when you want. This applies not only to computer and Internet use (Blocked Times page), but also for programs (Programs page -> Allowed times) and URL’s (Internet Access -> Time limits).

Internet Remote Control: Starting with Child Control 2009 you can modify the most important settings or view session logs directly on the Internet. No matter where you are. No matter which browser you are using.

More network capabilities: just set up a central configuration file on a network drive (or path) and let each individual client access it directly. This means that you need only one configuration for any number of attached computers. This may be ideal for training and classroom situations, for example.

Suspend monitoring: Select the applications for which you want to suspend monitoring of elapsed time. This can now be done without gimmicks only in full-screen mode, and also with Open Office family…


• Create user accounts for each user

• Limitation of time

• Turn off the computer or internet connection timer

• some restrictions on the number of hours spent on the Internet

• Filtering of unwanted content on the Internet

• Set time limit for each program separately

• Lock the important functions of the system

• Invisible mode of the program

• email account - notification of the computer

• Accounting for holidays, which may increase in hours of play the child at the computer

• Support for domain and workgroup

Just a few Child Control features:

-NEW: Give automatically Bonus for using special programs or websites

-NEW: Roaming feature in Remote: Count PC times for several PCs together

-NEW: Set weekday limits now also for programs and websites (URLs)

-NEW: Internetfilter -> Set Filter to Details to get more filter results

-NEW: Option If Time expired -> Standby

-Internet Remote - Manage Child Control from every browser (Video)

-Millions of undesirable sites can now be selected for restriction

-Adult-content filtering provided by German government authorities

-Email reports of on- and off-times and daily statistics

-Setup various limits for PC and Internet usage (Video)

-Limit time on the computer for each day of the week

-Limit use of the Internet for the day and the week

-Set PC off-limits times (e.g. after 11 p.m.)

-Set Internet off-limits times (e.g. after 11 p.m.)

-Easily extend time with passwords or TAN’s

-Define “unwelcome” web content using keywords (Video)

-Set time limits for categories of websites, such as videos and online games

-Set specific time limits for each computer application (Video)

-Grant unlimited time for specific applications, such as learning tools

-Log all computer activity to let you later review each user’s activities

-Block modifications to major Windows settings

-Protect your data by blocking access to specific folders

-Limit children’s access to specific programs

-Disable “backdoor” access to programs or functions

-Extend all time limits during vacation time—one click does it all

-Blocking of file sharing programs and sites

Child Control Version 12.467:

· New Salfeld logo integrated

· Bugfix: Weekly Reset

· Bugfix: Counting Internet Times

· Bugfix: Disable E-Mail notification

· Problems connecting to other Child Control PCs in LAN fixed

· Problems with Java related programs and enabled Internet Filter fixed

· Enhancement in Intenret Filter: Enter and control now also direct IPs

· Improved import routines (error in https detection fixexd)

· Now (error) message if entering program in Internet Filter section

· Cancled "Duration" in STOP email

· Some minor GUI and typo mistake fixes

· Some changes for Windows8

· Sporadic resetting times error fixed

· Sporadic uninstall bug on XP fixed

· Warning messages now also on Win8 tiles desktop

· If Internet program is added automatically now with Foreground flag

· Blacklisted URL overrides whitelisted Domain and vice versa

· Windows 8 App Support added

· Fixed bug in counting Internet Times

· System users like ASPNET are hidden now

· Changed routine to add new Internet Programs

· Some minor improvements for Windows 8

Download from Lumfile

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