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Applications : DriverPacks DrvCeo (x86/x64) | 9.46 GB
DriverPacks DrvCeo (x86/x64) | 9.46 GB

DriverPacks DrvCeo (x86/x64) | 9.46 GB

DrvCeo DriverPacks is a hardware software for intelligent installation developed by an independent system developer. It combines interactive and standalone dual-mode integrated driver tools, has a large and rich library of drivers on the Internet and has a standalone stand-alone standalone driver of a medium-sized driver who owns the Professional Package system, but is also the best choice for ordinary users!

The interface is friendly, easy to use, multifunctional, customizable, with a number of exclusive technologies, easily solves many problems associated with hardware.
Drivers are divided for each version / bit depth, which reduces the size of the downloaded one:
Offline DriverPack Windows 10 (64bit): DcWin10x64 - 2gb
Offline DriverPack Windows 10 (32bit): DcWin10x86 - 1,2gb
Offline DriverPack Windows 7 (64bit): DcWin7x64 - 3,37gb
Offline DriverPack Windows 7 (32bit): DcWin7x86 - 2gb
Offline DriverPack Windows XP: DcWinXPx86 - 624mb
Online Universal Windows Drivers: DrvCeonwinstaller.exe - 213mb
Online President Windows Drivers: DrvCeooLinstaller.exe - 11,9mb

1, the program update:
1.1, [Update] Added in the warning dialog of the AMD driver installation pop-up window (Feedback: Xia Hou Siyuan);
1.2, [Update] Add the specified device type to install the special driver (Feedback: Endless ~ Future);
1.3, [update] the PE environment to determine to cancel the detection of PECMD (feedback: Sen's contradictions);
1.4, [Update] The Drvceo.ini driver configuration file was first added to the desktop pop-up window, delete the directory after installing the driver, managing options on the desktop (proposed: m2tx);
1.5, [Upgrade] Desktop CEO CEO CEO's environment to read server timeout processing (Feedback: gy0715) ;;
1.6, [Refresh] You must install and do not need to install the driver to distinguish between the top and bottom display, program icons, to replace the large icon to adapt to the NT6 system;
1.7, [Update] Deployment The online version released on the desktop will be updated separately from the official online version;
1.8, [update] a new update mechanism to manage the default update of the system platform via the configuration file (proposed: gy0715);
1.9, [Updated] Fine-tune the driver installation mechanism USB3.X (Feedback: m2tx);
1.10, [Repair] Control Panel Driver General Manager remove the item in the 64-bit system to clear the dirty problem (feedback: deepin1974);
1.11, [Fix] Part of the environmental sound card in the absence of a driver installed in the default case is not checked;
1.12, [Repair] Manually installing the driver you need to restart the case of the results of the evaluation error by calling the wrong question (Feedback: m2tx);
1.13, [Fix] 64-bit lower part of the problem with function function data type;
1.14, [Fix] Optimize multiple codes to improve performance.
2, driver update:
2.1, the package package update package [structure] exists as user-friendly and simplified;
2.2, [graphics card] WIN7, WIN10 graphics driver update Nvidia (driver file version:;
2.3, [video card]. [DC Standard Edition] Win7, WIN10 x64 new driver AM4;
2.4, [graphics card] Intel WinXP x86 graphics driver (driver version:;
2.5, [Graphics] Graphic driver WinXP x86 Nvidia (driver file version: (vendor: m2tx);
2.6, [graphics card] WinX x64 the new core driver intel8 (driver file version:;
2.7, [Chipset] WinX64 New AMD PCI, SMBus driver (supplier: Endless ~ Future);
2.8, [Chipset] Win10 x64 added sileadtouch, Kionix sensor, AMD gpio, Macbook Bluetooth and other drivers;
2.9, [Chipset] Win10 New wireless switch ENE, HP sensor driver (Contributed by: Endless ~ Future);
2.10, [Chipset] Win7 x64 new AMD PCI driver (driver file version:;
2.11, [Chipset] intel Mei driver added Win7 x64 (driver file version:;
2.12, [Chipset] Win7 x86 The trusted platform module driver (driver file version: 6.1.7601.19146);
2.13, [Bluetooth] Win7, Win10 x64 is the new Intel Bluetooth device driver;
2.14, [Disk Controller] Win10 x64 Added Intel disk controller driver (driver file version:;
2.15, [disk controller] Win7 x64 new AMD disk controller driver (driver file version:;
2.16, [USB3.X] Win7 x64 new driver ASMedia usb3.0 (driver file version:;
2.17, [USB3.X] Win7 added intel intel usb3.0 driver and dedicated driver (driver file version:;
2.18, [USB3.X] Win7 x64 Added intel driver usb3.0 (driver file version:;
2.19, [Network Card] WinXP, 7 The driver of the MacBook network card is added (driver file version: 73.3.5).
3, added:
3.1, Updating the Drvceo.ini configuration. Instructions for use:
3.1.1, the first time in the president of the default disc for the desktop in the system pop-up window, in the configuration file. The value of the new ShowMsgBox node in DrvCeoSet is disabled, and then do not run the prompt (ShowMsgBox = off);
3.1.2. After installing the driver, delete the driver directory. If the value of the Deldrvpath of the new DrvCeoSet node in the configuration file is disabled, it will not be removed (Deldrvpath = off);
3.1.3, the first desktop on the desktop does not create a shortcut, in the DrvCeoSet configuration file a new node The Desktoplnk value is off, and then the tooltip prompts do not create a shortcut on the desktop (Desktoplnk = off).

Year / Release Date: 2018
Developer: sysceo
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Language: English
Tabletka: not required
System requirements: Windows XP / 7/8/10


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