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Applications : Updates for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to 6.1.7601.17667/6.1.7601.21831 (2011/Multi)
Updates for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to 6.1.7601.17667/6.1.7601.21831 (2011/Multi)

Updates for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to 6.1.7601.17667/6.1.7601.21831 (2011/Multi) | 1.13 GB
Collection updates and patches from Microsoft for 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 any revisions.

Last modified:
November 8, added updates KB2532445 v2, KB2593591; removed updateKB2503820, KB2549760, KB2566205 v2, KB2568041, KB2610379, KB2615128,KB2615701, KB2619234.

List of recent added obnoleny:
KB2519400 v3: Windows BootEnvironment 6.1.7601.21675
KB2520487 v2: Windows DIMS 6.1.7601.21718
KB2521923: Windows SmartCardSubsystemClient 6.1.7601.21772
KB2522743 v2: MSTSC.exe 6.1.7601.21687
KB2522761: Shell32.dll 6.1.7601.17586/6.1.7601.21692
KB2522762: RemoteApp 6.1.7601.17514/6.1.7601.21732
KB2522766: mpio.inf 6.1.7601.17619/6.1.7601.21731
KB2524478: Windows NlaSvc 6.1.7601.21696
KB2524977: Windows TCPIP Platform Libraries 6.1.7601.21728
KB2526455: Ntdsai.dll 6.1.7601.21725
KB2526870: Window GroupPolicy PolicyMaker 6.1.7601.21725
KB2526946: Kerberos.dll 6.1.7601.17614/6.1.7601.21725
KB2528357 v2: Windows StorPort 6.1.7601.17610/6.1.7601.21720
KB2529781: Windows PerformanceToolsCommandLine 6.1.7601.17643/6.1.7601.21759
KB2529825: Windows MFReadWrite 6.1.7601.17596/6.1.7601.21705
KB2529956: Windows NDIS 6.1.7601.17598/6.1.7601.21707
KB2530185: Cimwin32.dll 6.1.7601.21696
KB2531907: Widows Failoverclusters 6.1.7601.17514/6.1.7601.21710
KB2531912: Windows SmartCard 6.1.7601.21751
KB2532153: Windows NTFS 6.1.7601.21730
KB2532159: NFS 6.1.7601.21726
KB2532445 v2: Windows OS Kernel 6.1.7601.21831
KB2532531: bth.inf 6.1.7601.17607/6.1.7601.21716
KB2533552: Windows ServicingStack 6.1.7601.17592
KB2533544: Windows TCPIP 6.1.7601.21732
KB2535133: Windows IPv4IPv6CoexistenceMigration 6.1.7601.21728
KB2535158: Windows Fax Common 6.1.7601.21705
KB2536275: Windows SMBServer 6.1.7601.17608/6.1.7601.21717
KB2536276 v2: Windows SMB 6.1.7601.17647/6.1.7601.21767
KB2536840: Windows TerminalServices 6.1.7601.21732
KB2537203: Windows ehome ehres 6.1.7601.17595/6.1.7601.21704
KB2537549: Windows Printing Spooler Ppc 6.1.7601.21730
KB2537556: Windows GroupPolicy CSE SoftwareInstallation 6.1.7601.21704
KB2537589: Dfsc.sys 6.1.7601.21747
KB2538047: Winmm.dll 6.1.7601.21718
KB2539635:. NET Framework 6.1.7601.17611/6.1.7601.21721
NDP40 KB2539636: System.dll 4.0.30319.236/4.0.30319.463
KB2540175: Windows IMAPIv2 6.1.7601.21714
KB2541014: Windows Diskdump 6.1.7601.17601/6.1.7601.21710
KB2542200: Windows Printing Spooler Client 6.1.7601.21727
KB2545479 v2: Windows COM Base QFE OLE32 6.1.7601.17660/6.1.7601.21781
KB2545561: COM + 6.1.7601.21717
KB2545698: Windows Font TrueType 6.1.7601.17621/6.1.7601.21733
KB2545833: Windows cryptdll dll 6.1.7601.21732
KB2545850: Windows LSA 6.1.7601.21728
KB2546548: Windows EventLog 6.1.7601.21772
KB2546706: Windows HAL 6.1.7601.17614/6.1.7601.21725
KB2546868: Microsoft.MediaCenter.Bml 6.1.7601.17620/6.1.7601.21732
KB2547666: WindowsSearchEngine 6.1.7601.17610/6.1.7601.21720
KB2547752: Windows Authentication AuthUI 6.1.7601.21721
KB2548120: Miguicontrols.dll 6.1.7601.21725
KB2548124: volume.inf 6.1.7601.21728
KB2548388: Narrator 6.1.7601.17619/6.1.7601.21731
KB2548538: Sbmgr.dll 6.1.7601.21732
KB2549016: Windows Component XpsGdiConverter 6.1.7601.21725
KB2549036: Windows RDBSS 6.1.7601.21732
KB2549067: Windows BWContextHandler 6.1.7601.21731
KB2549079: MiguiControls 6.1.7601.21770
KB2549311 v2: Windows DFSClient 6.1.7601.21759
KB2549661 v2: Windows RPC HTTP 6.1.7601.17514/6.1.7601.21735
KB2549818 v2: Windows RasTls 6.1.7601.21808
KB2550569: Hvboot.sys 6.1.7601.21726
KB2550648 v2: Windows International 6.1.7601.17621/6.1.7601.21734
KB2550766: Windows IIS FTPSvc 6.1.7601.21740
KB2550944 v2: Windows GroupPolicy Base 6.1.7601.21734
KB2551090 v2: Microsoft.Web.Management 6.1.7601.21755
KB2551127: Windows LDDMCore 6.1.7601.21730
KB2551503: Gpprefcl.dll 6.1.7601.21759
KB2551687: Windows IIS ISAPIExtensionsBinaries 6.1.7601.21771
KB2552343: Windows CoreUserModePnp 6.1.7601.17621/6.1.7601.21733
KB2554231: Windows WMP MediaDeliveryEngine 6.1.7601.17620/6.1.7601.21732
KB2554746: Windows msmq queuemanager core 6.1.7601.21766
KB2554859: Tcpipcfg.dll 6.1.7601.21732
KB2554876 v2: Windows Mail Comm DLL 6.1.7601.17621/6.1.7601.21734
KB2555428: Windows ReadyBoostDriver 6.1.7601.17620/6.1.7601.21732
KB2555917: Windows Win32k 6.1.7601.17630/6.1.7601.21744
KB2555958: Windows SNMP Agent Service 6.1.7601.21732
KB2558990: Windows Authentication AuthUI 6.1.7601.21759
KB2559049: Windows IE 9.4.8112.16434/9.4.8112.20534
KB2560289: Windows IIS StaticContentBinaries 6.1.7601.21735
KB2560656: Windows Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 6.1.7601.17632/6.1.7601.21747
KB2561285: Windows GroupPolicy PolicyMaker 6.1.7601.21771
KB2561708: Windows OfflineFiles Core 6.1.7601.21772
KB2561821 v2: Windows BootEnvironment Core BootManager EFI 6.1.7601.17630/6.1.7601.21744 (only x64)
KB2562433: Windows WMI Win32 Provider Cimwin32 dll 6.1.7601.21770
KB2562937: Windows ActiveXCompat 8.0.7601.17634/8.0.7601.21749
KB2563210: Windows SMBMiniRdr 6.1.7601.21792
KB2563227: Windows XmlLite 6.1.7601.17633/6.1.7601.21748
KB2563399: Windows RemoteRegistry Service 6.1.7601.21771
KB2564958: Windows OLE Automation 6.1.7601.17676/6.1.7601.21802
KB2566059: Windows Security Kerberos 6.1.7601.21762
KB2566314: Windows IIS ADSICompatibility 6.1.7601.21747
KB2566592: Windows ExtensibleStorageEngine ISAM 6.1.7601.21771
KB2566651: Windows Presentation Foundation WPF 6.1.7601.21776 (NDP 3.0 sp2 30729.5700)
KB2569339: Windows Security Security Configuration Engine 6.1.7601.21805
KB2569389:. NET Framework 6.1.7601.21781
KB2569601: Windows SystemRestore Main 6.1.7601.17646/6.1.7601.21765
KB2570791: Windows International TimeZones 6.1.7601.17647/6.1.7601.21767 (only for x64)
KB2570947: Windows Desktop_Technologies Text_Input_Services IME Japanese EACommonAPIJPN 6.1.7601.17658/6.1.7601.21779
KB2571011: Windows TabletPC SoftKeyboard 6.1.7601.21770
KB2575077: Windows FilterManager Core 6.1.7601.21767
KB2575509:. NET Framework 6.1.7601.21828 (NDP 2.0 sp2 50727.5696)
KB2575946: Windows TerminalServices SessionEnvService 6.1.7601.21772
KB2577550: Windows SmartCardKsp 6.1.7601.21770
KB2577968: Windows DynamicVolumeManager 6.1.7601.21764
KB2578214: Windows version 6.1.7601.17647/6.1.7601.21767
KB2578963: Windows CertificationAuthorityClient 6.1.7601.21770
KB2579274: Windows Winsock Core 6.1.7601.21792
KB2579362: Windows RDBSS 6.1.7601.21772
KB2579686: Windows Video Capture Filters TVDigital 6.1.7601.17669/6.1.7601.21792
KB2580164: Windows NFS ClientCore 6.1.7601.21795
KB2580346: Windows TerminalServices 6.1.7601.21772
KB2580442: Windows MediaFoundation 6.1.7601.21769
KB2581359 v2: Windows Advapi32 6.1.7601.21773
KB2582112: Windows UserModePowerService 6.1.7601.21778
KB2582203: Windows Ntdll 6.1.7601.21786
KB2582679: Windows COM DTC 6.1.7601.21772
KB2583905: Windows UDFS 6.1.7601.21818
KB2584454: Windows LDDMCore 6.1.7601.17672/6.1.7601.21796
KB2584475: sdbus.inf 6.1.7601.21824
KB2584577: Windows MFC42x 6.1.7601.21774
KB2585853: Windows TerminalServices 6.1.7601.17683/6.1.7601.21809
KB2586448: Windows IE 9.4.8112.16437/9.4.8112.20537
KB2588507: Windows UserModeNSI 6.1.7601.21784 (only for x64)
KB2589015: Windows Security Netlogon 6.1.7601.21813
KB2590550 v2: Windows SMBServer 6.1.7601.21792
KB2591271: Windows Tunnel 6.1.7601.21818
KB2591462: Windows PartitionManager 6.1.7601.17676/6.1.7601.21802
KB2591857: Windows Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) RDS CE Dll 6.1.7601.21820
KB2592339: Windows TerminalServices RDP DisplayDriver 6.1.7601.21823
KB2592525: Windows DirectWrite FontCache 6.1.7601.17689/6.1.7601.21816
KB2593591: Windows IIS WebDAVBinaries 6.1.7601.21843
KB2597665: Windows IIS IISCertificateMappingAuthenticationBinaries 6.1.7601.21827
KB2598773: mscorlib 6.1.7601.21805 (NDP 2.0 sp2 50727.5692)
KB2599437: Windows Networking Internet_Authentication_Service_Iasnap 6.1.7601.21804
KB2599521: 1394.inf 6.1.7601.17690/6.1.7601.21817
KB2600100:. NET Framework 6.1.7601.21805 (NDP 2.0 sp2 50727.5692)
KB2600484: Windows Profsvc 6.1.7601.21793
KB2601207: Windows NTVDM System32 6.1.7601.21798 (only x86)
KB2601456: acpi.inf 6.1.7601.17686/6.1.7601.21812
KB2601517: Windows Printing Tools PrintBrm 6.1.7601.21805
KB2603203: Windows WinRE RecoveryAgent 6.1.7601.21819
KB2603262: GroupPolicy.Reporting 6.1.7601.21805
KB2603229: Windows GC UpdateWowRegisteredOwner 6.1.7601.17671/6.1.7601.21795 (only x64)
KB2604141 mscorlib 6.1.7601.21802 (NDP 2.0 sp2 50727.5691)
KB2604521 v2: Windows Kernel32.Resources 6.1.7601.17686/6.1.7601.21812
KB2605597:. NET Framework System.Data 6.1.7601.21830 (NDP 2.0 sp2 50727.5697)
KB2607496 v3: Windows Identity Foundation 7.1.7601.21822 (only x64)
KB2612966: Windows SMB10 MiniRdr 6.1.7601.21819
KB2613988: Windows WmiPerf 6.1.7601.21820
KB2614022: Windows WebDAVRedir WebClient 6.1.7601.21818
KB2614066: Windows RemoteAssistance Exe 6.1.7601.21814
KB2614122: vhdmp.inf 6.1.7601.21809
KB2614892: Windows MountPointManager 6.1.7601.21810
KB2614956: iscsi.inf 6.1.7601.21810
KB2615174: Windows crypt32 dll 6.1.7601.21818
KB2615327: Windows VirtualDiskService 6.1.7601.17684/6.1.7601.21810
KB2615592: Windows WwanSvc 6.1.7601.17695/6.1.7601.21822
KB2615763 v2: usb.inf 6.1.7601.17701/6.1.7601.21832
KB2615847: Windows Network Security 6.1.7601.21818
KB2616332: Windows Gdi32 6.1.7601.21820
KB2616471: Windows Printing InternetPrinting Client 6.1.7601.21819
KB2616676: Windows CAPI2 certs 6.1.7601.17687/6.1.7601.21814
KB2616879: Windows MSFTEDIT 6.1.7601.17693/6.1.7601.21820
KB2617157: Windows TextServicesFramework msctf 6.1.7601.17692/6.1.7601.21819
KB2617858: Windows WMI Core repdrvfs dll 6.1.7601.21824
KB2617878: Windows Winlogon 6.1.7601.21820
KB2618096: Windows SMB20 MiniRdr 6.1.7601.21822
KB2618190: Windows SMBServer v2 6.1.7601.21822
KB2618301: Windows Unimodem Core 6.1.7601.17691/6.1.7601.21818
KB2618425: Windows HTTP 6.1.7601.21822
KB2618517: Windows USP 6.1.7601.21819
KB2618535: keyboard.inf 6.1.7601.17695/6.1.7601.21822
KB2618640: Windows TabletPC ControlPanel 6.1.7601.17693/6.1.7601.21820
KB2618837 v3: Windows Win32k 6.1.7601.21827
KB2618982: Windows IIS SharedLibraries 6.1.7601.21825
KB2619260 v2: Windows WMPDMCCore API 6.1.7601.17699/6.1.7601.21830
KB2619328 v2: Windows TabletPC Platform COMRuntime 6.1.7601.21822
KB2619572: Windows Installer Engine 6.1.7601.17695/6.1.7601.21822
KB2619880: Windows LDAP Client 6.1.7601.21822
KB2619914: Windows SetupAPI 6.1.7601.21822
KB2620393: Windows Component XpsGdiConverter 6.1.7601.21822
KB2620656 v2: Windows Printing Spooler Core Localspl 6.1.7601.17702/6.1.7601.21833
KB2624899: Windows IE HTMLRendering 9.4.8112.20538

About the need to install (from Microsoft):
WARNING! For these patches was not carried out a full test. Therefore,they are only for systems or computers, in which specific error occurredas described in one or more Knowledge Base articles, Microsoft. Numbersof articles listed in the hand. These corrections may receiveadditional testing. Thus, if these corrections have caused any problemswith compatibility or installation error, or simply do not bring muchinconvenience to these problems, we recommend to defer their decisionand wait for the next release of the update. The new pack will contain afully tested versions of these patches.

Before installing the patch database
If you decide to install these patches, please note the following information:
Do not deploy patches in a production environment without first checking their work.
Before installing the back up system or a computer, which will be set corrections.

Corrections are designed to solve specific problems.
Use correct only for systems that are experiencing these problems.
Installing the wrong patch can damage your system.
If you are not sure what remedy suited to your system, do not install them.
Fixes included in future service packs, which is safest to install via Microsoft Update.

System requirements:
1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32 bit processor
1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM
10 GB of free hard disk space

Title: Updates for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to 6.1.7601.17667/6.1.7601.21831 [Multi] on 11/08/2011
Year: 2011
Platform: Windows 7
Language: Multi
Medicine: not required
Size: 1,14 GB

Updates for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to 6.1.7601.17667/6.1.7601.21831 (2011/Multi)

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Updates for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to 6.1.7601.17667/6.1.7601.21831 (2011/Multi) Fast Download

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